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Sept 2011
Although hurricane Irene clocked 115 mile an hour winds on top of the Causeway Bridge, the Diver Down and Fisherman's Inn are fine and open for business. Viz on the Hutton last week was 20 feet.

Aug 12,13,14 2011
Brass Anchor trip a huge success. Water is warm, many sea creatures, dolphins, frog fish, lion fish. Papoose, Spar, Aeolus, Schurz, U352. Colin and I both swam the distance from the Spar to the Aeolus and back during our dive, about 350 feet. Robin (Atlantis Rangers) saw a manta ray on the Spear during one of their dives from the Sea Quest.

Nov 20-21,2010
Incredible conditions: water in the 70s, good vis, choice wrecks: Papoose, Schurz, Sub, plus a stop on a reef where we got some lobster. Laura did an amazing job organizing it and we had the best dinner in Morehead, grilling out behind our motel. Laura Rocks! Even the crew said the seas were the best this year- it was honestly less than a foot, letting us go over 20kts to the dive sites and back. We were back on Sunday by 2:30pm which meant back to Raleigh in time for an early dinner. I love going out with this charter- the boat is set up right, you can tell the captain simply loves doing this business and the crew is first-rate. I can't want until we do it again next year! Frederick F.

Oct 9-10 2010
temp 80F top to bottom. Viz 60-80 feet. Lobster from live bottom

July 29-31, 2010
40 to 60 foot viz on the Spar, U352, Aeolus, and Indra. Temp 83F at 60' on U352.Speared several grouper and flounder. Sighted cobia on Indra. Spar had huge school of atlantic spade fish, many sand tiger sharks.

June 20-25, 2010
Gulf Stream is beginning to come in. Top water is over 100' viz and 80F. However, below 90' is still cold, 68F to 75F and murky. We expect to have top to bottom viz in the next few weeks. We dove the U352, Spar, Aeolus, Caribsea, Atlas, Hutton, Indra. Sharks were sighted on most of the wrecks. Divers brought up a few flounder, trigger, and scallops.

June 12 2010
u-352: Kenny tied into the bow. There was a sand tiger shark that circled the sub throughout the dive. A few divers came back with some flounder. Visibility was about 30ft.
Aeolus: Kenny tied to the break in the stern. Visibility was about 50 ft. There were lots of sharks and they were aggressive. Ryan shot a flounder and a shark bumped his leg trying to take his flounder. Another shark started circling Tom after he shot a flounder. Tom gave the flounder up to the sharks.
June 13 2010 Hardee's: Colin tied to the pilot house. There was a sandtiger that circled the wreck. Visibility was about 60ft. Kenny found a nice Horse Conch shell and another diver shot 2 grouper. The current on the shoals was ripping.
Bedfordshire: Colin tied to the midsection. There was a sandtiger and a sandbar shark that split the scene. Visibility was about 60 ft. Ryan shot a grouper. Colin picked up 3 trigger fish and Frederick shot 2 grouper, 1 triggerfish, and a doormat flounder. Debbie found a nice piece of china. The current was strong.

June 4, 2010 U352: Kenny tied into the bow and reported back to the boat that the resident sand bar shark was back and that there was 30 ft. of visibility. Colin entered the sub but was blocked by a congar eel which was keeping guard over the  sub. He quickly turned and exited the wreck. He found 2 flounder and managed to have one of them swim into his catch bag. Spar: Kenny tied to the stern of the coast guard cutter and reported back with 30 ft. of visibility. The freshwater divers got a kick out of seeing lots of sand tiger sharks that frequent the wreck.
June 5, 2010 -Papoose: Colin tied to the bow and hung out around the bow section. He saw a nice size grouper hanging out in the sand and shot it with his speargun. He quickly went back up the anchor line to avoid the sharks that were circling the wreck. Colin reported back to the boat that there was 30 ft. of visibility, lots of sharks, and a cobia that made an appearance. Aeolus: Visibility was about 30ft. and one shark was spotted. However, all of the grouper must have been hiding because only 2 small ones were spotted.
June 6 2010 -Atlas: The seas got a little snotty so Bobby took us over to the Atlas tanker (haunted wreck). Kenny tied to the engine and reported back with 30 ft. of visibility. Lots of sharks and grouper were spotted. There was also a shark that hung out over kenny and colin's shoulder while they hooked and unhooked the anchor. I guess it was trying to give us some pointers. Caribsea: Visibility was about 20 ft. There were lots of sharks, grouper,spadefish, and flounder spotted. Colin brought down a bag and scared 2 flounder into his bag. He spent the rest of the dive chasing flounder around the wreck but they were to smart to take his invitation to dinner. Visibility seems to be back on the East side of Cape Lookout

May 29, 2010 U-boat: The warm water and visibility is back. The bottom temp was 73 and vis was 70 feet. Colin got 5 flounder. Spar: cold water on top but warm water on the bottom. Lots of jellies were in the water and we saw a few sharks. Vis was 30 feet.
May 30, 2010  Two dives on the Schurz. Visibility was 70+ feet and warm water on the bottom. 3 cobia were spotted and colin shot a 37lb. cobia. Tom got a flounder and spanish lobster and Frederick shot 2 grouper. He also spotted a huge cobrera snapper (spelling). There was also a big turtle hanging out on the stern of the wreck. Seas were calm.
May 31, 2010 The water looked a little greenish until we were 3 miles from the Papoose. We hit a weed line and the water jumped from 70 degrees to 77 on the fish finder. Also, the water turned really blue within seconds. Kenny tied in and lost his shaft attempting to bag a grouper. There were tons of grouper but they had bodyguards with them (sharks). We then headed back to the sub where we were greeted with warm water and top to bottom visibility. Colin shot 2 flounder. There were no whitecaps on monday and everyone enjoyed the calm boat ride back to reality.

May 15, 2010 Schurz: vis was 30ft. lots of grouper. 3 big ones were shot. About 6-10 sharks on wreck this year. No lionfish. I think the water is to cold for them right now.
U352: vis was about 25ft. Nothing was shot. Water was about 63 degrees on each wreck.
May 16, 2010 calm seas. Saw some turtles on the surface. Dove the spar first. Vis was 30ft. No current. Sharks on bow. Ryan got some scallops. Aeolus: one shark on wreck. Vis was about 25ft. Lots of grouper. None were shot. I saw a legal size flounder. Colin

10/02, 03 and 04 2009 on the Diver Down
Postby mrlscuba on ncdiver Sun Oct 04, 2009 8:30 pm
Fantastic 3 days of diving with CAPT Bobbie Cox and his crew. Friday was near flat calm 79 degrees top to bottom, out to a ledge at 125 ft, several huge lobster, a gigantic hog fish, and a 75 lb danforth anchor were recovered. Saturday was a bit rougher, out to the 352 and the Spar, for shark's teeth and scallops. Sunday found us at the Atlas and the Caribe Sea, calmer seas, 75 degrees on the bottom, for more teeth and another anchor retrieval. Everybody had a GREAT time, It's easy to see why the Diver Down has a reputation as a class act, safe, friendly, and accommodating.

Sept 18-20, 2009
After hearing of great vis and warm water, we quickly put together a trip to Morehead City, NC Sept. 18-20.  We were not disappointed.  On Friday, we had around 80 ft. of vis on our two dives on the Spar, with great shark action. Saturday we  went to the Schurz, where we were treated to 100 ft vis.  We opted for both dives there too.  There were lots of things to see on this wreck, including about a dozen lionfish.  Although one shop was offering a $1 bounty per lionfish, we decided to photograph them instead. Mike got lucky with his speargun again, bringing in a Pompano and Colin got a grouper. Mike grilled the grouper at our cookout Saturday evening. Sunday, our boat was the only one to venture offshore.  Seas were a bit choppy, so the other boats went inshore or stayed in port. We headed to the U352 Submarine to search for a lost camera.  Vis was excellent again, but found no camera - only a snorkel.  Saw one lionfish there.  Last dive was a bust. After hearing of 50 ft. vis Thursday evening on the Duhammel, we decided to try a new spot.  The tide was not in our favor and vis was 5 feet.  Used wreck reels to get around.  On our way back in Sunday, we had to wait for about half hour as the power boat races finished up in the port.  Some good looking boats out there.  We saw them coming in on trailers all weekend. We enjoyed watching the helicopters zooming in, trying to get their photographer close enough for the perfect shot. Great trip, looking forward to next years trips.

Sept 6, 2009
Warm water and 60-80 foot viz is back. Schurz, U352

August 7,8,9 2009
NC in August is hot & steamy, but with a nice ocean breeze, we didn't feel it on the water.  We had 3 very nice days of sunny skies and mostly calm seas. On Friday, 18 divers showed up ready to go.  We headed out to the U352 on request.  The sub was covered in baitfish as usual with a bit of a current and greenish colored water.  We had about 10 - 15 ft. vis.  and 73 degrees. We managed to swim the whole wreck, seeing a queen angel and a golden eel.  Travis got Deb's photo by the conning tower.  No lionfish.  Next we went to the Spar, where several of our divers had their first shark experience.  Several sand tiger sharks kept passing thru midship and most of us planted ourselves on the deck and watched the fun. My buddy Deb lost her fear quickly, almost got to pet one, and brought back a souvenir tooth. All that worry for nothing. Friday evening we enjoyed Smithfields barbecue on the back dock at the motel.  Next day, we headed for the Schurz, a WWI wreck.  Again, green water and low viz.  Several wreck reels were deployed, but my pink line was a real standout.  We saw a huge toadfish, hiding up in the wreckage, a golden eel, and a small crab.  Above the wreck, a nice school of Atlantic spadefish and barracudas on the hang line.  Next, we went to the Aeolus, where Deb deployed the reel, entering the wreck.  We came back to the entry point with a ball of yarn.  We had a hard time holding back the laughs after what Deb did to it. Thanks to Jim A for taking care of it for us.  Some saw a sand tiger shark, but we just saw baitfish.  Saturday evening we enjoyed a cookout with burgers, hot dogs, and some fresh Pompano Mike F. shot that day.  Sunday, we headed to the Atlas tanker.  No one had gone to the east side in a while, so we were excited about finding sharks teeth.  Vis was not much better here, but we had a mission.  Deb & I dropped to the bottom and started searching.  We found a few, then had to come up a little shallower.  Saw a tan colored toadfish out hanging over the side of the wreck, just watching the divers go by. Some divers saw the sharks.  Next we went to the Carib Sea.  On descent, we could see the sand tigers hanging out at the thermocline.  Also a school of spadefish and cudas.  Lots of sharks teeth came up from this dive.  I just did not want to leave this wreck. I hung out in the 40 ft. area and watched the baitfish and the sharks and the spadefish until the last tech diver, my buddy Scott, came up.  Oh yeah, the jellyfish were out and I got some great pics of them too.

July 10-12, 2009
"Thanks to Billy at "Fisherman's Inn" and Capt. Bob Cox, for yet another great weekend diving on "Diver Down". Saturday we had unbelievable conditions, less than 1 foot and glassy on the way out and in. Surface temp 80 degrees, bottom 74 degrees at the U352 sub and the Schurz. Vis 100' + and only limited by the marine life. Grouper were plentiful as were their body guards the sand tigers! Shell hunters were rewarded with shark teeth, huge sandollars, helmet shells and urchins. Sunday was a bit windy, but we got out to the "Caribe Sea" for two of the best dives ever. (other boats were not so lucky, they turned tail for the dock) At 85' the Caribe Sea gave us plenty of bottom time. Tons of fish, top to bottom and wild dolphins on the surface interval." Lynnhaven Dive Center

July 3,4,5 2009
Friday's dives were on the Hardee's and the Bedfordshire -- both small wrecks, with lots of life. Seas were a little choppy. Water temperature was 75 degrees. On Saturday we headed out to the U-352, a German sub sunk during WWII. Last time we dove